Are Luxury Brands Utilising The Full Potential Of Social Media?


The world of Advertising, PR and Marketing is changing at a lightening speed. Some brands have adapted to these changes very well, some have closed their eyes; hoping it would go away, whilst others are left somewhere in between. With the rapid rise of social media, which is now the number one use of the web, we are now living in an era where brands are marketing their products and services through their customers rather than at them.

This significant shift is perhaps more relevant to luxury brands with a lot of aspirational customers than any other type of brand. Some luxury brands such as Burberry, Gucci and Dior have utilised social media very well and have established a strong concrete online presence for themselves. These companies have made a significant investment in digital and as a result, are starting to see tangible and quantifiable returns. Just listen to Burberry’s former CEO;

“To anyone who is sceptical at all: you have to be totally connected with everyone who touches your brand. You have to create a social enterprise today. If you don’t do that, I don’t know what your business model is in 5 years.” – Angela Ahrendts, Burberry CEO Read More

9 Pieces of Advice That Will Drive Your Career Forward


I invest a lot of time in personal development and growth. I actively seek to learn from the successes and failures of others. With the rise of these social platforms and knowledge sharing economy, it’s so easy for us to follow and learn from some of the most successful and influential people in the world. Below, I have summarized the 9 best pieces of advice I have come across over the last few years which I strongly feel are key to having a successful career in our modern society. Read More

Targeted Exposure for B2Bs


The following research conducted by Forrester in 2012 indicates the importance of social platforms amongst decision makers in the research and evaluation stage. Research indicates that 57% of the buying decision has already been made, before they invite sales to the table. Therefore, during the process, it’s important to target and reach the right individuals whose actions will ultimately generate the lead. Its important to identify those individuals that have the authority and power to make a final decision. The diagram below shows exactly who the key decision makers are. Some individuals within the organisation such as the CIO and the CTO have a high impact on decision making, whilst others such as the CEO and CMO have a high influence on the decision making. LinkedIn and Twitter will be an effective way of connecting with these individuals and keeping them in close reach. Read More

The Adoption of Social Business Tools


The dynamics of the way we socialise and communicate has shifted. Businesses are starting to realise the tangible benefits that can be gained; as a result, the growth in the adoption of social media across all industries has been exponential and we are witnessing the creation of social businesses. Read More

The Vision of a Social B2B


Social media is not going away. The earlier organisations start to jump on the social media bandwagon, the better it will be and the sooner they will start to see the benefits.

The long-term objective for an organisation should be to become the most socially active, effective and engaging company in their industry, leading the way by utilising the true potential of social media. Their employees and subject matter experts should each have a prevailing social eminence and a strong voice in their respectful fields worldwide. They should be leading the way in thought leadership areas, with the benefits gained and their influence on external bodies such as media outlets, trusted publications and governmental organisations being reciprocal. Their channels of communication should be exceptionally well integrated with their clients placed at the centre. Gaining targeted and further exposure from 3rd parties should be effortless and their engagement with potential clients should predominantly be through 3rd parties which are considered much more trustworthy and reliable, yielding a higher number of leads. Read More

A guide to Social Platforms for B2Bs

social media

Social Media has exploded in the last half a decade. Its now the number one use of the web. Today more than 1.5 billion people around the globe have an account on the numerous social networking sites. It has been estimated that one in five online hours is spent on social networks; increasing through mobile devices. The dynamics of the way we socialize and communicate has shifted. Businesses are starting to realise the tangible benefits that can be gained; as a result, the growth in the adoption of social media across all industries has been exponential and we are witnessing the creation of social businesses.

For B2C’s, social platforms are mainly used as a marketing tool to gain exposure quickly and for free. They are evidently playing an important role in B2C marketing and are rapidly gaining momentum. Read More

Strike a pose, feel the power!


Simply adjusting the way we stand or sit can have an important biological and psychological effect on how powerful we feel.

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A Child Immigrant’s Journey


In Afghanistan, we have an old saying; it goes something like this: “Sometimes in order to see the light, you need to risk the dark.”

Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I will let you be the judge, I did risk the dark and here is what happened.

In June 2001, at the tender age of 9, without fully realizing what was about to happen, my life took a whole new direction as my parents made a huge sacrifice and took a life changing decision. They decided to send my brother (13) and I to the UK, not just to escape the civil war under the Taliban regime, but also with the hope that their children would receive a better education and ultimately have a better future.

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